Father's Day Promotion - DealersBuying for more than one Dad?  Well, this is the best deal, because now through Father’s Day, if you buy one Hasty-Bake, you can get a second Hasty-Bake for 25% off!  This deal is only good for in-store purchases only!  Offer is not valid with any other promotions and the discount will be taken of the grill of equal or lesser value.

Hasty_Bake_Black Interested in learning more about Hasty-Bake grills?  Visit the website!  Hasty-Bake’s have manufactured by hand in Tulsa, Oklahoma since 1948!  Click Here to Visit Hasty-Bake’s Website!

Parts of A Hasty-Bake

  1. Thermometer
  2. Ventless Hood
  3. Grease Drain Rod
  4. Full-Size Firedoor
  5. Heat Deflector
  6. Firebox
  7. Crank Handle/Lift Mechanism
  8. Air Intake
  9. Ash Pan

The model shown above is a Powder-Coated Legacy 131.  When lighting this grill, no lighter fluid is needed when using the recommended hardwood charcoals.  It gives anything that is cooked, a fantastic smoky flavor that is second to none!  Also, the heat deflector allows the chef to grill, bake, or smoke, at any give time during the cook process.  Check out this link on how easy it is to light your grill!  How to Light My Hasty-Bake



Select 2015 Traeger’s are $120+ off!  Plus get a free bag of pellets, cover, and a work table!!!  

Want to WOW Dad with a pellet smoker that literally is almost fool proof?  Check out this 2015 Traeger Lil’ Tex Pro.  This pellet smoker allows you the ease of controlling the temperature with the twist of a knob (shown left).  The special knob, as you can see, has different temperatures where you turn the dial to your desired temperature, and POOF…  you have a smoker that regulates it’s own temperature.  It is all indirect heat of course, but easy breezy to use.

The 2015 Lil’ Tex Pro is normally $799, but Tulsa Grill Store has it for sale at $680… While supplies last of course.IMG_3259

 The 2015 Traeger Texas Pro is normally priced at $999 and we have it priced for $780, also, while supplies last.  

Other models currently in stock are the Tailgater and the Select Pro.


Oh… and did you know you can monitor the internal temp of your meat without having to lift the lid once?  Yeah… we like that too.  There are two probes in the pro series that you insert into your meat and the buttons under your temperature knob that say “probe 1” and “probe 2” will flash the temperature reading on the LED screen above the knob.  TECHNOLOGY THESE DAYS.


Does Dad leave little notes around the house saying he would like to have a cooler that keeps ice in it for like, a BAJILLION days?  Or does he whine and say “well, Joe down the street has one, so I need one too!” Well, for goodness’ sake, get the man a YETI Cooler for Father’s Day!   Until Father’s Day, Tulsa Grill store has quite the selection of Hard side, Soft Side, Stainless and Accessories that YETI manufactures.  The sale is 10% off Hard Side and Soft Side Coolers!!  Hurry and get ’em while their in stock.   I mean, when was the last time you actually saw these bad boys on sale…

Yeti Gear Proudly Display in Tulsa Grill Store's Outdoor Kitchen.

Yeti Gear Proudly Display in Tulsa Grill Store’s Outdoor Kitchen.



Hand-Crafted Cutting Boards – 30% OFF


WE HEART THESE CUTTING BOARDS… as in, obsessed with them.  These cutting boards, made by Souto Boards, and who also manufacture the awesome Hasty-Bake cutting boards, are discounted just for a brief time this Father’s Day!  Made from exotic and domestic hardwoods and no two are alike, these boards come with care instructions and a starter wax kit.  Each board is made with blood, sweat, tears, and lots of love and designed to last a lifetime with minimal maintenance.

We carry sizes ranging from 6″x 9″ all the way up to 18″ x 30″ and are priced anywhere from $29.99, up to $329.99.  BUT…  those are retail prices.  Come get one for a steal right now at 30% off!!!!!  Dad will love you, Mom will be happy that Dad does carve ribs on her cookie sheets anymore.